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Our Projects

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of our latest work.

A black and white photo showing an overview of BGE's Spring Gardens facility, showing multiple storage tanks and roads

Scanning / Modeling

Baltimore Gas & Electric Spring Gardens Facility

BGE's Spring Gardens Facility is a critical hub for their operations, housing complex electrical infrastructure. To support ongoing maintenance, renovations, and expansion plans, BGE required an accurate and up-to-date representation of the facility.

Design Assist / Modeling

Mercy Hospital

Mercy Hospital faced a critical challenge when one of its operating rooms required urgent renovations due to outdated infrastructure and equipment. Shutting down the operating room for renovations posed significant logistical challenges, as any downtime would impact patient care and hospital operations. Mercy Hospital needed a solution that would minimize downtime while ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of the renovation process.

A black and white photo showing the Mercy Hospital Weinberg Center Exterior

Scanning / Animation

A black and white photo showing the courtyard of the BAL Harbour Garage project with string lights, people sitting, and table

BAL Harbour

ISI Demolition faced a significant challenge when tasked with demolishing portions of the BAL Harbour Garage to accommodate renovations. ISI Demolition needed a solution that would effectively communicate their demolition plan to stakeholders, including the general contractor, while demonstrating their expertise and attention to detail.

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