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Baltimore Gas & Electric
Laser Scan / As-Built Model
RTC-360 Laser Scanner, Revit, AutoCad
March 17th 2023
Scanning, 3D Modeling, Coordination

Baltimore Gas & Electric
Spring Gardens Facility

BGE's Spring Gardens Facility is a critical hub for their operations, housing complex electrical infrastructure. To support ongoing maintenance, renovations, and expansion plans, BGE required an accurate and up-to-date representation of the facility. Traditional manual surveying methods were not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, which could lead to costly mistakes in future projects.

Our Solution

BIM Technologies proposed a cutting-edge solution: Laser Scanning and As-Built Modeling. Our team employed state-of-the-art laser scanning technology to capture precise 3D data of the entire Spring Gardens Facility, including its intricate electrical systems, structural components, and layout for all buildings across the property. This data was then transformed into a comprehensive As-Built Model, providing BGE with an invaluable digital record of the entire facility.

The Benefits

Cost Savings: By eliminating the need for manual surveying and reducing errors, BGE realized substantial cost savings on the project and avoided potential budget overruns in future endeavors.

Time Efficiency: Laser scanning and modeling significantly accelerated data collection, allowing BGE to expedite project timelines and make quicker, informed decisions.

Accurate Planning: The As-Built Model provided a highly accurate representation of the facility's current conditions, enabling BGE to plan renovations and expansions with precision.

Reduced Risks: Minimized errors and enhanced data accuracy reduced risks associated with design changes and construction modifications during future projects.

Enhanced Collaboration: The digital model served as a collaborative tool, facilitating communication among engineers, designers, and contractors involved in BGE's projects.

The Results

BGE's Spring Gardens Facility project exemplifies the transformative power of laser scanning and As-Built Modeling. By partnering with BIM Technologies, BGE not only received an accurate digital record of their facility but also paved the way for substantial time and cost savings in future projects.

Our commitment to precision, innovation, and efficiency ensured that BGE could make informed decisions, streamline project workflows, and confidently embark on their renovation and expansion plans.

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