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CMSI / Mercy Hospital
Laser Scan / Model Coordination
RTC-360 Laser Scanner, Revit
January 16th 2024
Scanning, 3D Modeling, Coordination

Mercy Hospital Operating Room
& Ceiling Integration

Mercy Hospital faced a critical challenge when one of its operating rooms required urgent renovations due to outdated infrastructure and equipment. Shutting down the operating room for renovations posed significant logistical challenges, as any downtime would impact patient care and hospital operations. Mercy Hospital needed a solution that would minimize downtime while ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of the renovation process.

Our Solution

BIM Technologies proposed a comprehensive solution utilizing laser scanning and model coordination to expedite the renovation process and minimize downtime. Our team conducted a detailed laser scanning of the operating room, capturing precise measurements and data of the existing conditions. This data served as the foundation for creating a comprehensive 3D model of the operating room, including its infrastructure, equipment, and layout.

The Benefits

Minimized Downtime: By utilizing laser scanning and model coordination, BIM Technologies minimized downtime during the renovation process. The accurate 3D model allowed contractors to visualize the renovation plans more effectively, streamlining the execution of the project and reducing the time required for completion.

Cost Savings: The efficient use of laser scanning and model coordination resulted in significant cost savings for Mercy Hospital. By minimizing downtime and accelerating the renovation process, the hospital avoided potential revenue loss associated with the temporary closure of the operating room.

Enhanced Efficiency: The 3D model facilitated seamless coordination between various stakeholders involved in the renovation project, including architects, engineers, contractors, and hospital staff. This enhanced collaboration and communication improved the efficiency of the renovation process and reduced the likelihood of errors or rework.

Reduced Risks: Minimized errors and enhanced data accuracy reduced risks associated with design changes and construction modifications during future projects.

Improved Patient Care: With minimized downtime and efficient renovations, Mercy Hospital was able to resume operations in the operating room promptly. This ensured continuity of patient care and minimized disruptions to hospital operations, ultimately enhancing the overall patient experience.

The Results

The Mercy Hospital Operating Room project demonstrates the transformative impact of laser scanning and model coordination in healthcare facility management. By leveraging advanced technology and expertise, BIM Technologies helped Mercy Hospital minimize downtime, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency during the renovation process.

Our commitment to innovation and excellence ensured that Mercy Hospital could resume operations in the operating room as soon as possible, delivering uninterrupted patient care and maintaining the highest standards of quality.

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