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Leica BLK-360 G2

Precision, Speed, Automation, and Portability

With its advanced technology and innovative design, the

BLK-360 G2 delivers unmatched accuracy and efficiency, allowing you to capture detailed scans with ease. Whether you're scanning large-scale environments or confined spaces, its portability ensures you can take it anywhere your project requires. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to streamlined workflows with the BLK360-G2.

BLK-360 Features

Compact Design

The BLK-360 G2 is designed with mobility in mind. Its compact and lightweight form factor allows surveyors, architects, and engineers to easily carry it to job sites. Whether you’re scanning tight spaces, historical buildings, or outdoor environments, the BLK-360 G2’s portability ensures that you can capture accurate 3D data wherever you go.

HDR Imaging

Equipped with integrated high-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging, the BLK-360 G2 combines laser scanning with vivid color imagery. Each point cloud is enriched with high-resolution photos, providing context and enhancing visualization. Whether you’re analyzing structural elements or creating immersive virtual tours, the BLK-360 G2’s HDR imaging adds depth to your scans.

High Speed Scanning

The BLK-360 G2 boasts impressive scanning speed, capturing up to 360,000 points per second. This high-speed data acquisition enables efficient fieldwork, reducing the time spent on-site. Whether you’re documenting as-built conditions or conducting forensic investigations, the BLK-360 G2’s speed accelerates your workflow.

Seamless Data Workflow

The BLK-360 G2 streamlines the data workflow. It seamlessly integrates with software platforms like Autodesk ReCap and Cyclone, allowing you to process, register, and analyze point clouds efficiently. Whether you’re generating floor plans, conducting clash detection, or creating 3D models, the BLK-360 G2 ensures a smooth transition from raw scans to actionable deliverables.







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