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Leica BLK2GO

Truly Mobile 3D Scanning

Compact, lightweight, and powerful, the BLK2GO redefines versatility in data capture. With its handheld design, you can navigate through tight spaces and challenging environments with ease, capturing precise scans in real-time. Say goodbye to stationary scanners and hello to mobility without compromise. Whether you're documenting indoor spaces, outdoor landscapes, or construction sites, the BLK2GO delivers unmatched flexibility and convenience.

BLK2GO Features

Scan as You Go

The BLK2GO captures reality in real-time as you move through a space. It seamlessly builds 3D point clouds while in motion, eliminating interruptions. Whether you’re scanning interiors, exteriors, or complex environments, the BLK2GO ensures continuous data capture.

Seamless Capture

Like a torch illuminating three-dimensional reality, the BLK2GO automatically combines imagery and 3D data while you’re on the move. From the start of a scan session until you power off the device, it creates a cohesive point cloud. No manual stitching required.

Agile Scanning

Scan over and under objects, navigate through rooms, doorways, and corners effortlessly. The BLK2GO’s SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology tracks its trajectory, allowing you to scan in any direction. It adapts to your movement, making it ideal for dynamic environments.

Unbound Flexibility

Forget tripods. The BLK2GO operates wirelessly on rechargeable battery power. Its lightweight aluminum construction (weighing 775 grams or 1.7 lbs.) ensures excellent dexterity. The smart handle includes WLAN connectivity, data storage, and edge computing capabilities.







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