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ISI Demolition
Laser Scan / Animation / Video
RTC-360 , Revit, Lumion
May 1st 2022
Scanning, 3D Modeling, Animation

BAL Harbour Garage - ISI Demolition

ISI Demolition faced a significant challenge when tasked with demolishing portions of the BAL Harbour Garage to accommodate renovations. The project required meticulous planning and coordination to minimize disruptions to the surrounding area and ensure the safety of workers and the public. ISI Demolition needed a solution that would effectively communicate their demolition plan to stakeholders, including the general contractor, while demonstrating their expertise and attention to detail.

Our Solution

BIM Technologies proposed a cutting-edge solution utilizing laser scanning and 3D animation to create a detailed demolition plan for the BAL Harbour Garage project. Our team conducted a comprehensive laser scanning of the garage, capturing precise measurements and data of the existing structure. This data served as the foundation for creating a realistic 3D model of the garage, including its layout, structural elements, and surrounding environment.

Using advanced 3D animation techniques, we developed a dynamic video that showcased the demolition sequence and order of operations in vivid detail. The video provided a virtual walkthrough of the demolition process, highlighting key steps, safety measures, and logistical considerations.

The Benefits

Improved Communication: The 3D animation provided ISI Demolition with a powerful tool for communicating their demolition plan to stakeholders. The visual representation of the demolition sequence and order of operations helped ensure alignment and understanding among all parties involved in the project.

Enhanced Safety: The detailed visualization of the demolition plan allowed ISI Demolition to identify potential safety hazards and implement appropriate safety measures proactively. This helped mitigate risks and ensure the safety of workers and the public throughout the demolition process.

Cost Savings: By utilizing laser scanning and 3D animation, ISI Demolition minimized the risk of errors and inefficiencies during the demolition process. The accurate visualization of the project allowed for more precise planning and resource allocation, ultimately saving time and money.

Increased Confidence: The high-quality 3D animation video demonstrated ISI Demolition's expertise and professionalism, instilling confidence in the general contractor and other stakeholders. This confidence played a crucial role in ISI Demolition being awarded the job, as the detailed and expressive nature of the video showcased their ability to execute the project efficiently and effectively.

The Results

The BAL Harbour Garage project exemplifies the transformative impact of laser scanning and 3D animation in demolition planning. By leveraging advanced technology and expertise, BIM Technologies helped ISI Demolition effectively communicate their demolition plan, enhance safety, and save time and money. The detailed and expressive 3D animation video played a pivotal role in ISI Demolition being awarded the job, highlighting their expertise and attention to detail.

At BIM Technologies, we're committed to providing innovative solutions that optimize project planning and execution. Contact us today to learn how our laser scanning and 3D animation services can benefit your next project and help you achieve your goals.

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